Observed: 무나씨 Moonassi

Design Curiosities: Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton


Duane Dalton is a Dublin born, London based graphic designer currently at SEA Design. Lately he’s been designing Basic Stamps, and they’re really good.

Sights: On the Grid


I’m participating in Hyperkat’s On the Grid city guide for Houston, and it’s giving me a great opportunity to photograph some places around town that I love.

※ Photograph by DC

Curiosities: Japanese Book of Science










We have amassed quite the collection of old books from local bookstores and resale shops over the years. They have two functions, it seems. Sitting in a credenza, and being heavy in moving boxes. To change this, and to return them to the purpose they were purchased for, I’ve started photographing and scanning them to be put to use as design inspiration. There are three distinct sections in this series. Firstly, photographs of the books themselves, unchanged (1-3). Secondly, images and figures scanned from the book, isolated and slightly altered (4-6). Lastly, original work created from the images (7-9).

Design Curiosities: Algo FY

Algo 1

Algo 2

Algo 3

Algo 4

This year the Club des Directeurs Artistiques named Michel Derre’s Algo FY the best new original typeface. Although clearly grounded in blackletter and calligraphy traditions, Algo is amazingly fresh. It is available in 3 distinct weights, or in this case styles, as the writing tool used for each remains fully expressed.

Michel Derre practices and teaches calligraphy and lettering in Paris; surprisingly this is his first type family release.

There are great images of Michel’s process here.

Observed: 무나씨 Moonassi








The artist behind Moonasi, Daehyun Kimn, uses only black ink for her illustrations. There is no hidden significance in this, only that she she finds it simply, just enough. I find both her drawings and the description of her work refreshingly succinct. The expressionless face of her subjects was borrowed from old Buddist paintings, and she finds that it is perfect to conceal there feelings. The focus of her illustrations is on their gestures alone.

Moonasi sells her illustrations as originals, hand drawn editions, and prints. You can sign up on her site to receive updates, if you would like to purchase her work.