Curiosities: Floating Forest

Curiosities: Darwin Sect







A successful Kickstarter campaign brought The Darwin Sect’s jellyfish tank to fruition. An example of form and function, the distracting supportive aspects of the tank are concealed within the plinth. This leaves a pure and unobstructed view of the jellyfish habitat. The Dawin Sect doesn’t just dabble in jellyfish though. Their repetitive and minimal displays showcase form and function in the insect world, paying homage to their evolutionary adaptations.

Design Curiosities: Acumin by Robert Slimbach

Acumin 3

Acumin 1

Acumin 4

Acumin 2

Acumin is the latest typeface by legendary typographer, calligrapher, and Adobe principal designer, Robert Slimbach. Released as part of the Adobe Originals series of typefaces, Acumin is a versatile and beautifully neutral neo-grotesque type family. Much like Adrian Frutiger’s Univers, Acumin is an original rethinking of the grotesque model. Designed specifically for a wide range of uses, including the often neglected usage of grotesques in continuous text setting, Acumin performs equally successfully at both display and text sizes. Available now via Typekit and Fontspring, Acumin comes in nine different weights and five different widths, each with accompanying italics, for a staggering 90 styles total.

Observed: Sayori Wada + Nychuk



Sayori Wada’s piece Shiomi, a textural black and white collage, was part of her exhibition titled Ichi-Go-Ichi-E (one time one meeting). A flyer for the event was designed by Nychuk, and it was this piece that lead me to Wada’s artwork. I can only speculate on the design process because I’m not sure if Wada provided art direction, or if Nychuk took the lead. Shiomi was turned for the flyer, and words overlap its border. The piece that resulted feels complementary, but new—art turned design.

LAND: 3000B – II


※ Photographs by DC
Big Bend National Park

Curiosities: Floating Forest






Delicate in form and function, these handmade brass objects suspend a single acorn on the surface on water. They provide the perfect environment for germination, and a view of the whole process. Floating Forests is a series of five objects, and was designed by Michael Anastassiades, who has a studio based in London.