Exteriors: Tanzhaus by Barozzi / Veiga

Land: 100C – I


※ Photographs by DC

Curiosities: Observed Microscopically




Simply, microphotomicrographs are 35mm slides under a microscope. The title comes from the combination of two words: Microphotographs, which are photos on a microscopic scale (microfilm), and photomicrographs which are photos taken through a microscope. You can see more and read about them on Observed Microscopically.

Design Curiosities: Neue Haas Unica

Unica 1

Unica 2

Unica 3

The story of this typeface actually starts way back in the ’70s. Designed by André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt, and Erich Gschwind, Haas Unica was released in 1980 by the Haas Type Foundry. It was an attempt to create the next generation sans-serif typeface that would be optimized for the increasingly popular phototypesetting machines of the day. Unica would synthesize the strengths of Helvetica, Univers, and Akzidenz Grotesk, even the name was a hybrid of Helvetica and Univers. “Unica was designed to be different; sharper than Helvetica, warmer than Univers, cleaner than Akzidenz” said Gürtler. In addition to many minor alterations, the lowercase “a” was completly reworked, the curve of the upper bowl is softer and its spur eliminated. The characters are slightly narrower than those of Helvetica, and the overall spacing was increased to improve kerning and enhance legibility at smaller sizes. Despite its undeniable quality, Haas Unica did not change the world as expected. It became entangled in an ownership dispute, and by the late ’80s personal computers and desktop publishing would render phototypesetting obsolete.

Neue Haas Unica is Monotype’s revival of this forgotten typeface for the digital typesetting age. Designed by Toshi Omagari, Neue Haas Unica now has five additional weights, a greatly expanded range of glyphs, small caps, additional sets of numerals, and multi-language support. You can read even more about Neue Haas Unica here. I think we could all find a pretty good excuses to put this typeface to work.

Good Goods: Maak Soap




The product photography from the folks at Maak Lab is really excellent. It is why I’ve chosen to share their work even though I’ve never used it. Their soaps sound alluring, ranging from masculine firs to more feminine rose blossoms. They also have a couple of editions available only at other retailers.

Exteriors: Tanzhaus by Barozzi / Veiga

Veiga 1

Veiga 2

Veiga 3

Barcelona based architectural office Barozzi / Veiga was founded in 2004 by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga. The duo have won a host of prizes in both national and international competitions, most recently receiving the Mies van der Rohe Award for their Szczecin Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin, Poland. In late 2014 Barozzi / Veiga was awarded the design of the new Tanzhaus along the Limmat river in Zürich, Switzerland to be completed in 2017. A fire severely damaged the building in October 2012.