Good Goods: Handmade Shears

Design Curiosities: L A N D

Land 3

Land 1

Land 6

Land 4

Land 5

Land 2

L A N D is the Austin-based, multidisciplinary design studio of Texas natives Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes. In just a few short years L A N D has amassed a body of work with the maturity, confidence, and direction of a studio twice its age. I’m especially drawn to this work for Easy Tiger bake shop and beer garden. The commitment to hand painted signage does not go unnoticed. Nicely done.

Signpainting by Joe Swec
Photography by Keith Davis Young and Julie Cope

Good Goods: Copper Click Shelf

Copper Click Shelf

This is one of those times that I really wish we had large amounts of disposable income. If we did, this shelf would be in our bedroom in a heartbeat. It’s incredibly beautiful and is simple in construction, using only four screws. This shelf was designed by Sigurd Larsen for New Tendency a design company based in Berlin. You can read more about them, and view their other products here.

Curiosities: Photographs of Creatives

ArnoldNewman 02 YasuoKuniyoshi

ArnoldNewman 03 JeanDubuffet

ArnoldNewman 04 Stieglitz&O'Keeffe

ArnoldNewman 01 MaxErnst

ArnoldNewman 05 IgorStravinsky

ArnoldNewman 08 IsamuNoguchi

ArnoldNewman 07 AndreKertesz

ArnoldNewman 06 IMPei

There is something to viewing art without the preconceived notions of how the artist looks; it’s free of judgement. Maybe this is why I’ve always been drawn to photographs of aging painters and other creatives. In my mind, the most amazing artists are full of age, their life’s work visible with every wrinkle. On the search to share some of my favorite portraits of painters that have turned grey (so to speak), I instead found myself looking through Arnold Newman’s beautiful collection of portraits. It’s Arnold we have to thank for environmental portraits which are an incredible look into the subject’s life. You can read more about Arnold Newman’s life, and view more of his photographs on the archive. It is a joint effort between the Newman family, the Howard Greenberg Gallery, and Ron Kurtz.

Design Curiosities: Nicolas Sassoon

Sassoon 2

Sassoon 1

Sassoon 3

Nicolas Sassoon is a French artist and designer currently working between Biarritz and Vancouver. He is making some of the most impressive and inspired animated GIFs I’ve ever seen. While the majority of his work can be found online, he does produce sculpture, prints, textiles, and site-specific installations. In addition to this work and his various collaborative efforts, Nicolas is also the founder of W-A-L-L-P-A-P-E-R-S, and a member of the online collective, Computers Club.

I did have to resize these images, I highly recommend viewing them at full size. It really is necessary. There is a lot of this kind of design going around, but Nicolas’s work really stands out.

Good Goods: Handmade Shears

※ Photo by Design Curiosities

These handmade shears from Old Faithful Shop were a gift from my sweet husband. He knows my love of beautiful everyday objects well. This pair was modeled after classic bonsai clippers. I generally just use them to trim dead bits off of our plants, and to shorten stems for vases. I don’t really ever put them up because they are too nice to put in a drawer.