Design Curiosities: L A N D

Interiors: Muji House

Muji 01

Muji 02

Muji 03

Muji 04

Muji 8

Muji 06

Muji 06

Muji has made beautiful neutral home goods for years, and now they have made an incredible prefab home.

Curiosities: Cyanotypes by Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins Cyanotypes 01

Anna Atkins Cyanotypes 02

Anna Atkins Cyanotypes 04

Anna Atkins Cyanotypes 03

Anna Atkins is widely recognized as the first woman to create a photo, and the first person to ever publish a book with photographic illustrations. The book was created to accompany a manual of British algae written by William Harvey that did not provide any visual material. Atkins herself was an amateur botanist, and her father a scientist and fellow in the Royal Society. These connections she had were priceless, and led her to experiment with the photographic techniques of William Henry Fox Talbot and Sir John Herschel. These methods are the backbone of all film photography. What I most love about Atkins’ book is that in addition to the lovely images, she used the same method to print the text. It is truly astonishing that any of the copies of this book are still around given that it was published in 1843, and even more incredible that it is available to view online. The New York Public Library is to thank, for this book and it’s collection of over 800,000 digitized images. A truly amazing resource.

You can find more information about Anna Atkins, and view her book Photographs of British Algae in it’s entirety here and here, respectively.

Design Curiosities: Domaine Sans by Klim Type Foundry

Domaine 1

Domaine 2

Domaine 3

Domaine 4

Domaine 5

Domaine Sans is the latest typeface by Kris Sowersby, aka Klim Type Foundry. Domaine Sans is the counterpart to Domaine, a robust Latin typeface originally designed for Australian wine company, Hardys. Instead of simply being Domaine without the serifs, Domaine Sans is a beautifully unexpected sans-serif with contrast. Think Optima or Stone Sans, definitely an underserved style these days.

Good Goods: Patina Oil Lamp

Mjolk Lamp
This oil lamp is part of a series designed by Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle, a pair of Swedish designers. The lamps are pared down from their vintage counterparts, and are beautifully simple. The glow they give off is perfect for chilly fall nights, and the copper they are made from will form a lovely patina over time. They are available at Mjölk, one of our favorite shops. ※ Photograph by DC.

Design Curiosities: L A N D

Land 3

Land 1

Land 6

Land 4

Land 5

Land 2

L A N D is the Austin-based, multidisciplinary design studio of Texas natives Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes. In just a few short years L A N D has amassed a body of work with the maturity, confidence, and direction of a studio twice its age. I’m especially drawn to this work for Easy Tiger bake shop and beer garden. The commitment to hand painted signage does not go unnoticed. Nicely done.

Signpainting by Joe Swec
Photography by Keith Davis Young and Julie Cope