Curiosities: Robert Hessler

Design Curiosities: Oat for Row 34

Oat 1

Oat 2

Oat 5

Oat 4

Oat 3

Island Creek Oyster Bar was our favorite restaurant in Boston. It came highly recommended by a friend, but all it took was a look at their site to get us to visit. Oat has done some incredible work for ICOB and a host of other amazing bars and restaurants. Their entire portfolio is top notch. I’m especially loving this more recent work for Row 34, a new oyster bar located in Boston’s Fort Point.

Good Goods: Textured Bowl


Picked up this little bowl from West Elm while in neighborhood doing some errands.

Design Curiosities: Fuzzco for Candlefish

Candlefish 1

Candlefish 5

Candlefish 3

Candlefish 2

Candlefish 4

Fuzzco is a full service creative agency with offices in Charleston and Portland. Their work for candle and fragrance retailer Candlefish is top notch. I highly recommend checking out the rest of Fuzzco’s portfolio. Their project photography is always as impressive as the work.






From our collection of family/found photographs. The scanner intensified the imperfections in a beautiful and interesting way. I also mistakenly scanned one upside-down, but ended up preferring it that way.

Curiosities: Robert Hessler



I did a little reading on the Still House blog when I was posting last week’s Good Goods, and came across these beautiful porcelain vases by Robert Hessler. This is not your typical porcelain. Robert works with zinc based glazes that form crystals when they are slowly cooled. He adds different amounts of cobalt, zinc, iron silver, and tin oxides that result in a unique pattern every time. These two at Still House are among my favorites, but he has a large collection and a wide variety of colors and shapes on his site. (ᔥ Still House Blog)