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About DC

Inspired by her husband’s career in graphic design, Nicole launched Design Curiosities in 2008 to study design while pursuing a science degree. Joined by Steven, DC has become a place of overlapping interests, and the foundation for their own company. It is an ever-growing compendium of design, art, science, and objects that they find curious, beautiful, and extraordinary.

Observed: Illustration, photography, gesamtkunstwerk, and art in general

Design Curiosities: All things design related, including personal work (weeks 1,2 & 3)
Found Typography: Interesting type from our personal collection and outings (week 4)

Curiosities: Most often where science meets art and design

Personal Photography: Sights, close up, land polaroids, still-life, and found film (weeks 1,2 & 4)
Fifty Weeks of Work: Machines in Space / Microphotomicrographs (alternate weeks 1, 2 & 4)
Discover: Great albums and artists (week 3)

Experiments and Curiosities: Analog and digital


DC often features work by other designers, artists, and creative professionals. Full credit will always be given to the creator, and sources will be given. If you ever find something incorrectly listed, please send DC an e-mail. That goes for the creators of work featured on DC as well. If you would like your work removed, or additional information included in the post, please send an e-mail.

You are always welcome to share content featured on Design Curiosities on your own blog or website. If it was created by Steven or Nicole, clearly credit it and included a link back to the original post on DC. Otherwise, please use your discretion. Bloggers etiquette is to link to the original post, and more importantly, give credit to the creator of the content. Please never copy DC posts in their entirety.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome here, but they are moderated. This is to weed out spam, inappropriate comments, and self promotion. Please leave constructive comments! In regard to self promotion, please only leave a link to your blog once, in the box designed for it. Extra links are not necessary unless you are sharing a particular post, relevant to the topic at hand. Again, use your discretion, and DC will use theirs in approving comments.

If you are going to pin images from DC please note two things. One, please pin from the original post (click on the post’s title). Two, please pin from the original source (i.e. the creators website).

Design Curiosities does not accept offers for advertising.

Submissions are always welcome, and very much encouraged. If you have a personal project you would like to share with DC, or find something that you think is relevant, send an e-mail.

While the best place to find Steven and Nicole is here on Design Curiosities, here are a few other places:
Pinterest, Instagram (Steven), Instagram (Nicole), Instagram (Eames), and Facebook.

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