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Before You Browse

I can’t find the page I’m looking for!
Simply add archive to the URL.

This link in your post is broken, what do I do?
If I linked to a Design Curiosities post within a post, you will have add archive to the URL. If a link to another website is broken, it might be because that content is gone. We have been posting since 2008, so some of the content is simply out of date. You can always e-mail me, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I added archive to the URL and I still can’t find the page I’m looking for!
Perhaps it has been removed?
If you contact me, I will do my best to help you. 

An image isn’t working, where is it?
I recently went through all one hundred and so-and-so pages, and removed any broken images. If some how I missed one, let me know!

I am the creator of some of the content you posted and I would like it removed or additional credits added.
No problem, e-mail me at DesignCuriosities at and I will take care of it!

Where is the new stuff?
Here!  (As of 3/21/2012 it is down)

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Have a Lovely Weekend

Here are some links for your Friday

Can you believe these are paintings?

Travel accesories by Koza

Gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Miss Caprichio

Mr. Fox shows you shapes!

Songbird sculptures by Emily Sutton

A dreamy english country house

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15 Years by Jim Marshall

In 1996 Jim Marshall photographed Sarajevo. In 2011 he shot it again.
Be sure to check out the rest of Jim’s work here.

Via Quipsologies / Retronaut

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that we went to an estate sale to look at a cabinet. This particular one was a tall wooden tool cabinet. Since we missed out on that one, I have been on a search for a vintage cabinet of drawers to go in our spare room. These are just a few of the gorgeous pieces I have come across.

An Urban Outfitters Shoot via Shoot Factory
Eiko Cabinet from Anthropologie
Modular Stacking Cabinet (via Fab) from Three Potato Four
Flat File Cabinet from AMradio
Industrial File Cabinet from Factory20
Bemz Slip Covers via Remodelista

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