Design Curiosities: FS Brabo by Fernando Mello

Design Curiosities: FS Brabo by Fernando Mello

Brabo 5

Brabo 6

Brabo 2

Brabo 1

Brabo 3

Brabo 4

FS Brabo is a beautiful and versatile serif typeface designed by Fontsmith’s Fernando Mello. A reinterpretation of early book faces from the 16th century, Brabo draws heavily from old style Garaldes such as Plantin, Garamond, and Granjon. Brabo’s serifs are much chunkier and squarer than its forebeares though, giving it a crispness and relevance one wouldn’t expect.

Fontsmith commissioned legendary design studio and printing press, The Counter Press, to produce Brabo’s specimen book and limited edition print. As evidenced by the photos above, I can’t imagine a better exhibit for a face that is so clearly meant for the page.

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