Curiosities: Harriet Lee-Merrion







Harriet Lee-Merrion’s illustrations are made up of beautifully simple line work, some drastic angles, and a distinct color palate. She is part of a group of illustrators in Falmouth, Beginning, Middle and End Collective, who’s three frame story books are intriguing. A fairly recent graduate, Harriet is definitely an artist to watch. I can’t wait to see what more she has to offer. Some prints are available in her shop, here.

Curiosities: Queens Museum Panorama



If you ever visit NYC, I’d consider hitting the Queens Museum for a great view of the scaled down city and boroughs. The 9335 square foot, 1:1200 scale miniature was created for the 1964 world’s fair, and was completed over three years. The museum itself is a beautiful space and was redesigned by Rafael Viñoly in the nineties. They are many great exhibitions in addition to the panoroma and the giant metal world fountain out back. The branding and identity for the Museum is worth mentioning as well. ※ photographs by dc

Curiosities: Photographs of Creatives

ArnoldNewman 02 YasuoKuniyoshi

ArnoldNewman 03 JeanDubuffet

ArnoldNewman 04 Stieglitz&O'Keeffe

ArnoldNewman 01 MaxErnst

ArnoldNewman 05 IgorStravinsky

ArnoldNewman 08 IsamuNoguchi

ArnoldNewman 07 AndreKertesz

ArnoldNewman 06 IMPei

There is something to viewing art without the preconceived notions of how the artist looks; it’s free of judgement. Maybe this is why I’ve always been drawn to photographs of aging painters and other creatives. In my mind, the most amazing artists are full of age, their life’s work visible with every wrinkle. On the search to share some of my favorite portraits of painters that have turned grey (so to speak), I instead found myself looking through Arnold Newman’s beautiful collection of portraits. It’s Arnold we have to thank for environmental portraits which are an incredible look into the subject’s life. You can read more about Arnold Newman’s life, and view more of his photographs on the archive. It is a joint effort between the Newman family, the Howard Greenberg Gallery, and Ron Kurtz.

Design Curiosities: Nicolas Sassoon

Sassoon 2

Sassoon 1

Sassoon 3

Nicolas Sassoon is a French artist and designer currently working between Biarritz and Vancouver. He is making some of the most impressive and inspired animated GIFs I’ve ever seen. While the majority of his work can be found online, he does produce sculpture, prints, textiles, and site-specific installations. In addition to this work and his various collaborative efforts, Nicolas is also the founder of W-A-L-L-P-A-P-E-R-S, and a member of the online collective, Computers Club.

I did have to resize these images, I highly recommend viewing them at full size. It really is necessary. There is a lot of this kind of design going around, but Nicolas’s work really stands out.

Design Curiosities: Giacomo Bagnara

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Giacomo Bagnara is a Verona-based illustrator and graphic designer. He has a masters degree in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, which took me a bit by surprise. It does explain his affinity for architecture illustrations I suppose. I really like his approach to color and texture. It’s a style that’s familiar for sure, but he’s definitely making it his own. You should check out his client list, very impressive.