Design Curiosities is now Curiosity and Curiosities


Design Curiosities is now: Curiosity and Curiosities

A Stopgap as Design Curiosities becomes Curiosity and Curiosities


In an effort to bring more unique and thoughtful content to our site we’ve been discussing and working on what changes we need to make. As those changes are taking place behind the scenes, and to let you know that we are still here, you can find us at Curiosity and Curiosities. We are sharing visual content as a stopgap for this transition.





Curiosities: Olivia Knapp







Although I’ve chosen to share previous works of a more simple variety, Olivia Knapp’s crosshatch style is delightfully intricate. She has a new series completed called Prehensility, and it is on view at the Hellion Gallery in Portland. Her drawing style is influenced by European line engravings from the 16th to the 18th centuries, and she utilizes methods called “line to dot” and “dot and lozenge.” The result is extraordinary, and the subject matter surreal. Personally, hands and eyes are my two favorite objects that she draws. Her portfolio and blog are both worth a look. She shares many up-close images which show you the incredible detail if you aren’t able to view it in person.

20 Best Twenty

20 Best Twenty

I’m so excited to be a contributer for the newly relaunched 20 Best 20!

Houston City Guide on Show + Tell

Show + Tell

I’m over at Show + Tell today sharing a few of my favorite spots in Houston. Since we live in Boston now, these places are a must when we go back to visit family and friends. I wish I could have included some more of our go-to stops, but Houston is huge. Even the short list is a mile long! Check it out, here.

Thanks for letting me do a Houston City Guide, Allison!