Good Goods

Good Goods: Kat and Roger Ceramics


During our West Texas trip, we stopped into a place called Garza Marfa. The owners, Jamey and Constance, were very kind. While we didn’t have the budget for one of their beautiful pieces of furniture, we did pick up a hanging planter from their collection of Kat and Roger pieces.

※ photograph by dc

Good Goods: White Coral Carved Skull

The detail and texture of this coral skull is pretty incredible. You can find it, and other varieties at Love Adorned.

Good Goods: Circular Bells & Chimes


Meus is an online shop that opened about half a year ago. It stocks home essentials, and everything seems pretty moderately priced. I’ve added a few things to my personal wish list, including these circular hanging bells. They would be lovely in or outside.

Good Goods: Front Flaskware


Located in a beautiful old industrial loading dock, Front started as a coffee place, but now has food, tea, and products. The flaskware they sell, designed by Adam Reineck and Yvonne Mouser was created based on scientific glass. A beautiful place to store pastries or display curiosities.

Good Goods: Shallows


This vase is sloped downward at the top, forming a shallow. When filled the surface tension creates a beautiful glassy dome with a plant protruding from the center. The vase is available from Port and was designed by Critiba.