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Design Curiosities: L A N D

Land 3

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L A N D is the Austin-based, multidisciplinary design studio of Texas natives Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes. In just a few short years L A N D has amassed a body of work with the maturity, confidence, and direction of a studio twice its age. I’m especially drawn to this work for Easy Tiger bake shop and beer garden. The commitment to hand painted signage does not go unnoticed. Nicely done.

Signpainting by Joe Swec
Photography by Keith Davis Young and Julie Cope

Design Curiosities: Nicolas Sassoon

Sassoon 2

Sassoon 1

Sassoon 3

Nicolas Sassoon is a French artist and designer currently working between Biarritz and Vancouver. He is making some of the most impressive and inspired animated GIFs I’ve ever seen. While the majority of his work can be found online, he does produce sculpture, prints, textiles, and site-specific installations. In addition to this work and his various collaborative efforts, Nicolas is also the founder of W-A-L-L-P-A-P-E-R-S, and a member of the online collective, Computers Club.

I did have to resize these images, I highly recommend viewing them at full size. It really is necessary. There is a lot of this kind of design going around, but Nicolas’s work really stands out.

Design Curiosities: London Deco








Thibaud Herem is a freelance illustrator based in London. He is a trained graphic designer but has focused on creating some of the most amazing architectural drawings I’ve ever seen. His latest project, London Deco, is a collection of 11 drawings of iconic London Deco landmarks. London Deco is out via Nobrow Press. Can’t wait to grab one.

Design Curiosities: Line by Letters from Sweden

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Line is a collaboration between Letters from Sweden type designers Stefania Malmsten and Göran Söderström. Originally designed for Swedish fashion and culture magazine Rodeo back in 2012, it’s now available for commercial use. Line consists of the basic character set and some alternate letters, but it also comes with a large number of modular embellishments. These glyphs attach to the letters in different ways using kerning pairs. It’s all very nice. Obviously line is an English word, but it’s also a feminine Nordic name (lee-nay). You can read more about the process behind Line on the Letters from Sweden blog. It’s a good read.

Design Curiosities: Giacomo Bagnara

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Giacomo Bagnara is a Verona-based illustrator and graphic designer. He has a masters degree in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, which took me a bit by surprise. It does explain his affinity for architecture illustrations I suppose. I really like his approach to color and texture. It’s a style that’s familiar for sure, but he’s definitely making it his own. You should check out his client list, very impressive.