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Good Goods: Sugar and Rice





We first saw Sugar and Rice at the MFAH bookstore, and we purchased it on design alone. It wasn’t until later that we realized what a great read it was. It’s an independent magazine devoted to the food and culture that can be found on the Gulf Coast. Great content and beautiful design. You can find retailers/purchase this issue on Sugar and Rice. The design team behind the publication is an office located in Houston called Always Creative. They do great work.

Design Curiosities: Awesome Tapes From Africa

Awesome Tapes

Brian Shimkovitz started Awesome Tapes From Africa as a way of spreading found African analog recordings in our digitally saturated music world. I highly recommend checking out the music…and the covers.

Brian is one smart guy, you can read more about Awesome Tapes From Africa here.

Found Type: I

Found Type 1

Found Type 2

Found Type 3

Found Type 4

Found Type 5

Found Type 6

Design Curiosities: El Rey

El Rey 1

El Rey 2

El Rey 3

We stumbled on El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette the last time we were walking around the lower east side. I’m not going to say we stopped in because of the amazing neon logo hanging on the back wall, but it did make the coffee better. El Rey’s amazing branding (and handpainted sign) was done by Jess Che.

I highly recommend checking this place out the next time you’re in the area.

Photographs by Alan Gastelum

Design Curiosities: Werklig for Kontoret

Werklig 01

Werklig 02

Werklig 03

Werklig 04

Werklig 05

Werklig 06

Werklig is a small branding-focused design agency located in Helsinki. All of their work is impressive, but I’m especially enjoying this work for co-working space, Kontoret. Kontoret opened in 2013 and is located in the heart of Helsinki. Not only is Werklig’s branding work itself top-notch, the documentation is incredible. Plus I can’t resist any project that REALLY uses a Lineto typeface (Replica in this case).