Graphic Design

Observed: Sayori Wada + Nychuk



Sayori Wada’s piece Shiomi, a textural black and white collage, was part of her exhibition titled Ichi-Go-Ichi-E (one time one meeting). A flyer for the event was designed by Nychuk, and it was this piece that lead me to Wada’s artwork. I can only speculate on the design process because I’m not sure if Wada provided art direction, or if Nychuk took the lead. Shiomi was turned for the flyer, and words overlap its border. The piece that resulted feels complementary, but new—art turned design.

Design Curiosities: Maaemo Identity by Bielke&Yang

Maaemo 3

Maaemo 1

Maaemo 2

Maaemo 4

Bielke&Yang recently redesigned the identity and website for their fellow Osloites, Maaemo. Featuring photography by Tuukka Koski, and a custom typeface by Colophon Foundry, they’ve beautifully captured the restaurant’s philosophy and attitude.

Design Curiosities: Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton


Duane Dalton is a Dublin born, London based graphic designer currently at SEA Design. Lately he’s been designing Basic Stamps, and they’re really good.

Observed: Chemistry Series by Martin Ålund






Artist Martin Ålund recently exhibited his painting suite called Chemistry, and released a book of the same title. The paintings themselves are dark and cloudy, with layers piled on and shaved off. They were made with a variety of substances mixing and reacting with each other, thus the name Chemistry. Among other things, it also deals with, “the chemistry that emerges between the different works, the personal chemistry in encounters among individuals, the inner chemistry of sensibilty and reflection, and the chemistry that emerges through the work process.”

I think far too often artists forget the importance of design when displaying their work. It is refreshing to see that this was not lost on Ålund. His online presence and monograph for this series match his artistic voice, and are incredibly beautiful. The book was designed by Bedow, and was printed in an edition of 600 copies—available at Konst/ig Books.

Design Curiosities: Tung for Mjölk

Mjolk 2

Mjolk 1

Mjolk 3

Mjolk 4

I highly recommned stopping by Mjölk the next time you’re in Toronto. Great shop, great people, great branding.

Client: Mjölk
Design: Tung
Photography: Juli Daoust Baker
Project Documentation: Tung