Eames, Modernica, and a Favor

Modernica is hosting their annual pets on furniture contest! With the help of some dried cranberries, I convinced our little bun to sit on the Panton chair again. If you have a moment (we would appreciate it greatly), you can head over to Modernica and vote for him! Eames and I both think it is high time that a bunny wins!

Update: Eames made it to the final round! If you could, vote for him once more:


This Week in Boston (and NYC)

This Week in Boston

Before we headed out on Friday the snow was really coming down. When the blizzard hit last time we had planned to take the cat and rabbit to the courtyard to hang out in the snow. Well, the snow came up to the doorknob in the courtyard so there was no snow time for the animals. This snow Charlotte was not so lucky, and obviously she did not enjoy it. I took Eames down in the carrier next, figuring he could make his own decision on whether or not he wanted to venture out. I was amazed that he hopped right out and into the snow. He loved it even though he had a hard time getting around. Here is a little extra GIF treat.

Product Scout: Wool Cat Bed

Product Scout

Charlotte has decided that the best place for her to sleep is on my pillow. It’s pretty cute, but she really doesn’t know how to share. We’ve decided that it is time to finally invest in some kind of cat bed, and I think we found the one. It is a handmade wool vessel created by Vaiva Nat. I imagine it will be hard for us to pry Chuck out of this thing, and I might actually miss having her tail in my face. Well, almost.

This Week in Boston

This Week in Boston

We didn’t do much this week, but we did play Zelda on the n64. Brought back memories from junior high.

This Week in Boston

This Week

We got a little sidetracked this week and did design work instead of furniture building. I’m sure our neighbors appreciated not hearing the miter saw every night! This morning I made a trip out to Mahoney’s Garden Center since I basically pruned our dying fern back to nothing yesterday. I picked up a pretty bridal veil to replace it until it grows back.