Sights: On the Grid Houston





I completely underestimated the work that would go into coordinating and participating in On the Grid when I signed up to take on the role of Ambassador. With that said, it has been an amazing experience, learning to put aside my introverted tendencies and self-doubt. If you ask me what I do, I normally shirk the details with some casual response of how I help out Steven with his freelance work. I didn’t go to art school, I don’t have a graphic design degree, I don’t know how to use all of the manual settings on my camera, we have a small design website, and I sort-of make art. Truth is, it’s always seems easier to be self-deprecating than confident.

Because of this, documenting what we love about Montrose seemed a little out of my comfort zone, especially when the reality of it all started to sink in. As it went on it became less intimidating, and standing confidently behind the camera felt more natural. We met so many kind folks, and made many priceless connections. In the end, we felt incredibly inspired by the entrepreneurs and designers in our community. Without sounding too sentimental (although it may be too late now), I’m so grateful Hyperakt trusted us to take this on. It’s a beautiful project, and we hope we did Montrose and Houston proud.


Sights: On the Grid


I’m participating in Hyperkat’s On the Grid city guide for Houston, and it’s giving me a great opportunity to photograph some places around town that I love.

※ Photograph by DC

Sights: Wye Oak / Joshua Light Show


A recent concert at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston had us reflecting on some of our favorite live music experiences. Most often they are outside the standard venues, or with an added element. Complemented with the colored oil light projections of the Joshua Light team, the Wye Oak show, pictured here tops my list.

※ Photograph by DC

Sights: Big Bend National Park


※ Photographs by DC
Big Bend National Park
Almost looks like a diorama

Sights: The Menil Collection





※ Photographs by DC
The Menil Collection