Good Goods: Patina Oil Lamp

Mjolk Lamp
This oil lamp is part of a series designed by Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle, a pair of Swedish designers. The lamps are pared down from their vintage counterparts, and are beautifully simple. The glow they give off is perfect for chilly fall nights, and the copper they are made from will form a lovely patina over time. They are available at Mjölk, one of our favorite shops. ※ Photograph by DC.

Good Goods: Copper Click Shelf

Copper Click Shelf

This is one of those times that I really wish we had large amounts of disposable income. If we did, this shelf would be in our bedroom in a heartbeat. It’s incredibly beautiful and is simple in construction, using only four screws. This shelf was designed by Sigurd Larsen for New Tendency a design company based in Berlin. You can read more about them, and view their other products here.

Good Goods: Handmade Shears

※ Photo by Design Curiosities

These handmade shears from Old Faithful Shop were a gift from my sweet husband. He knows my love of beautiful everyday objects well. This pair was modeled after classic bonsai clippers. I generally just use them to trim dead bits off of our plants, and to shorten stems for vases. I don’t really ever put them up because they are too nice to put in a drawer.

Good Goods: Brick Lamp

Brick Lamp

Umbra Shift is a new extension from Umbra that premiered at ICFF this year. “Function familiar and forward thinking” is what drives this brand. I’m particularly fond of this brick lamp. It has a lovely natural color and is beautifully minimal. It was designed by Philippe Malouin - a canadian born designer with past experience working at Tom Dixon. His light fixtures for Roll & Hill are incredible as well, and worth a look.

Good Goods: Berliner Mug

Berliner Mug

We visited the Steven Alan Home Shop the last time we were in NYC. Our intention was to pick up another Mimosa candle; we go through them so quick around here. The shop was incredible, and it was obvious that each object was carefully chosen and fit with the Steven Alan aesthetic. Instead of candle we ended up with one of these Berliner Mugs because, well, we can never resist a great coffee cup. The color and texture of this one is indescribably beautiful, as is much of Julianne Ahn’s creations. You can find and purchase more of her work at Object and Totem, her small handmade ceramics and jewelry label. Unfortunately the off white version of this mug is out of stock at Steven Alan, but the light brown is still available and just as lovely.