Curiosities: Crystallized Works by Tyler Thrasher







These crystallized curiosities are the work of Tulsa based artist Tyler Thrasher. Growing crystals takes weeks, and over time he has learned to control and manipulate the process. However, the crystals can sometimes grow out of hand and these mistakes, so to speak, often yield some of Thrasher’s favorite pieces (Venison Magazine, Amber Imrie-Situnayake). This combination, creature and crystal, feels like a perfect union. You can view more on hisportfolio, and purchase limited runs from his shop.

Good Goods: Maak Soap




The product photography from the folks at Maak Lab is really excellent. It is why I’ve chosen to share their work even though I’ve never used it. Their soaps sound alluring, ranging from masculine firs to more feminine rose blossoms. They also have a couple of editions available only at other retailers.

Good Goods: Kat and Roger Ceramics


During our West Texas trip, we stopped into a place called Garza Marfa. The owners, Jamey and Constance, were very kind. While we didn’t have the budget for one of their beautiful pieces of furniture, we did pick up a hanging planter from their collection of Kat and Roger pieces.

※ photograph by dc

Good Goods: White Coral Carved Skull

The detail and texture of this coral skull is pretty incredible. You can find it, and other varieties at Love Adorned.

Curiosities: Photobooth, A Biography


Steven and I visit a photobooth each year, and if we are traveling we make a point to stop by one in each city. We don’t often get photographs of the both of us, and it’s a nice way to document our time together. It’s a ritual that is shared by many, but it is one that is getting harder to do. Many of the chemical photobooths are becoming antiques not worth the money to maintain. Meags Fitzgerald has chronicled this, and the photobooth’s history in an illustrated graphic novel released last year. This really great interview with CKUA about the book is worth a listen. I haven’t picked up a copy for myself yet, but it’s on my list for sure.