Good Goods: Brass Magnifying Stand



My educational background in biology and love of beautiful objects left me with little chance of resisting this brass magnifying stand. It is the perfect example of form and function, and I can’t wait to put this lovely gift it to use.
※ photographs by dc

Good Goods: Drohgo Candlestick

cb2 candlestick

The Drohgo from CB2 mixes well with other candlesticks including, or maybe especially, vintages ones. It’s sturdy, and beautifully minimal. I only wish we had picked up more the last time we were there. ※ Photographs by DC

Good Goods: Mistral Soap

Mistral Soap
It seems as though I waited too long to share this lovely bar of soap. The particular scent shown here, Pink Flowers, is no longer available at Anthropologie. I can’t speak for the other scents still available, but I can say that the quality of the bar was wonderful, and I will definitely use Mistral Soaps again. ※ photograph by dc

Good Goods: Patina Oil Lamp

Mjolk Lamp
This oil lamp is part of a series designed by Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle, a pair of Swedish designers. The lamps are pared down from their vintage counterparts, and are beautifully simple. The glow they give off is perfect for chilly fall nights, and the copper they are made from will form a lovely patina over time. They are available at Mjölk, one of our favorite shops. ※ Photograph by DC.

Good Goods: Copper Click Shelf

Copper Click Shelf

This is one of those times that I really wish we had large amounts of disposable income. If we did, this shelf would be in our bedroom in a heartbeat. It’s incredibly beautiful and is simple in construction, using only four screws. This shelf was designed by Sigurd Larsen for New Tendency a design company based in Berlin. You can read more about them, and view their other products here.