Curiosities: Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders






Viktor Wynd is a collector, but he sees it as an enjoyable burden and a sickness. His book is a look into his home, his shop, and a peek into a few other collections. There is a chaos in these images, but at the same time it feels cozy and homey. If curiosities are not your thing, then your skin would probably crawl. In addition to the book, his Little Shop of Horrors was transformed into a Museum, with the help of Kickstarter. It’s on my must see list, for London.

I took the photographs of the book that you see here, but the book itself was photographed by Oskar Proctor and illustrated by Theater of Dolls

Good Goods: Sugar and Rice





We first saw Sugar and Rice at the MFAH bookstore, and we purchased it on design alone. It wasn’t until later that we realized what a great read it was. It’s an independent magazine devoted to the food and culture that can be found on the Gulf Coast. Great content and beautiful design. You can find retailers/purchase this issue on Sugar and Rice. The design team behind the publication is an office located in Houston called Always Creative. They do great work.

Good Goods: Land Camera

Land Camera

Some friends of ours had a Fuji instant camera at their wedding last year. The format of the film is great, it’s wider than polaroid film and has an even border around the edge. So, for Christmas I found an old 250 Land Camera on ebay, with a converted battery pack. We tried it out over the weekend, and loved the results. It’s a great alternative to a polaroid, and the film is less expensive. I purchased from this ebay seller, who is a retired photographer. He restored a lot of the old camera stock from his photo studio. It came with new batteries, a great carrying case, and donated 10% of the funds to a charity. It’s the little things.

Good Goods: Brass Magnifying Stand



My educational background in biology and love of beautiful objects left me with little chance of resisting this brass magnifying stand. It is the perfect example of form and function, and I can’t wait to put this lovely gift it to use.
※ photographs by dc

Good Goods: Drohgo Candlestick

cb2 candlestick

The Drohgo from CB2 mixes well with other candlesticks including, or maybe especially, vintages ones. It’s sturdy, and beautifully minimal. I only wish we had picked up more the last time we were there. ※ Photographs by DC