Good Goods: White Coral Carved Skull

The detail and texture of this coral skull is pretty incredible. You can find it, and other varieties at Love Adorned.

Curiosities: Photobooth, A Biography


Steven and I visit a photobooth each year, and if we are traveling we make a point to stop by one in each city. We don’t often get photographs of the both of us, and it’s a nice way to document our time together. It’s a ritual that is shared by many, but it is one that is getting harder to do. Many of the chemical photobooths are becoming antiques not worth the money to maintain. Meags Fitzgerald has chronicled this, and the photobooth’s history in an illustrated graphic novel released last year. This really great interview with CKUA about the book is worth a listen. I haven’t picked up a copy for myself yet, but it’s on my list for sure.

Good Goods: Front Flaskware


Located in a beautiful old industrial loading dock, Front started as a coffee place, but now has food, tea, and products. The flaskware they sell, designed by Adam Reineck and Yvonne Mouser was created based on scientific glass. A beautiful place to store pastries or display curiosities.

Good Goods: Shallows


This vase is sloped downward at the top, forming a shallow. When filled the surface tension creates a beautiful glassy dome with a plant protruding from the center. The vase is available from Port and was designed by Critiba.

Curiosities: Robert Hessler



I did a little reading on the Still House blog when I was posting last week’s Good Goods, and came across these beautiful porcelain vases by Robert Hessler. This is not your typical porcelain. Robert works with zinc based glazes that form crystals when they are slowly cooled. He adds different amounts of cobalt, zinc, iron silver, and tin oxides that result in a unique pattern every time. These two at Still House are among my favorites, but he has a large collection and a wide variety of colors and shapes on his site. (ᔥ Still House Blog)