Design Curiosities: Mériva by NEW LETTERS

NL 8

NL 4

NL 5

NL 6

NL 1

NL 7

NEW LETTERS is a German typography and graphic design studio founded by Armin Brenner and Markus John just last year. Their latest typeface, Mériva, is a contemporary and charming take on the Grotesque sans-serif. Remaining true to it’s lineage, Mériva is a bold family optimized for longer sizes and headlines. I can’t wait to see what these guys create next, I’m anticipating great things from their partnership.

Design Curiosities: FS Brabo by Fernando Mello

Brabo 5

Brabo 6

Brabo 2

Brabo 1

Brabo 3

Brabo 4

FS Brabo is a beautiful and versatile serif typeface designed by Fontsmith’s Fernando Mello. A reinterpretation of early book faces from the 16th century, Brabo draws heavily from old style Garaldes such as Plantin, Garamond, and Granjon. Brabo’s serifs are much chunkier and squarer than its forebeares though, giving it a crispness and relevance one wouldn’t expect.

Fontsmith commissioned legendary design studio and printing press, The Counter Press, to produce Brabo’s specimen book and limited edition print. As evidenced by the photos above, I can’t imagine a better exhibit for a face that is so clearly meant for the page.

Design Curiosities: Acumin by Robert Slimbach

Acumin 3

Acumin 1

Acumin 4

Acumin 2

Acumin is the latest typeface by legendary typographer, calligrapher, and Adobe principal designer, Robert Slimbach. Released as part of the Adobe Originals series of typefaces, Acumin is a versatile and beautifully neutral neo-grotesque type family. Much like Adrian Frutiger’s Univers, Acumin is an original rethinking of the grotesque model. Designed specifically for a wide range of uses, including the often neglected usage of grotesques in continuous text setting, Acumin performs equally successfully at both display and text sizes. Available now via Typekit and Fontspring, Acumin comes in nine different weights and five different widths, each with accompanying italics, for a staggering 90 styles total.

Design Curiosities: Algo FY

Algo 1

Algo 2

Algo 3

Algo 4

This year the Club des Directeurs Artistiques named Michel Derre’s Algo FY the best new original typeface. Although clearly grounded in blackletter and calligraphy traditions, Algo is amazingly fresh. It is available in 3 distinct weights, or in this case styles, as the writing tool used for each remains fully expressed.

Michel Derre practices and teaches calligraphy and lettering in Paris; surprisingly this is his first type family release.

There are great images of Michel’s process here.

Design Curiosities: The British Library’s Mechanical Curator

British Library

British Library

British Library

British Library

British Library

The British Library holds the largest collection of cataloged items in the world, a staggering 170 million items. Recently the library joined a whole host of world-class educational institutions on The Commons, Flickr’s ever-growing collection of publicly-held photography assets. It took mere minutes to find this great set of images.