Curiosities: Cercle Magazine

Curiosities: Cercle Magazine




Cercle Magazine (French/English) puts out a thematic annual, and this year’s subject is Insects. The typeface chosen for this issue was Olympe, which was inspired by a 60s german typewriter and Art Nouveau. Its creator Sylvia Ugga designed an alternative set of glyphs for Cercle that brings curves to its industrial look. The rest of the design for the magazine is just as sophisticated, and it is filled with illustrators, artists, designers, and scientists that I have put on my list to look up. The artist I first noticed when paging through this issue was Alma Haser. She has a series titled Cosmic which are distorted portraits created with origami. It was through this set of photographs that Clark commissioned Haser for a couple of album covers. It was a real full circle moment for me.

※ The photographs of Cercle were taken by Nicole Shultz for Design Curiosities.

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