I generally shy away from blogs that have music content, which makes little sense. Music is a huge part of our everyday life around here, and singing is a huge love of mine even though Steven is the only one who will ever hear it. I’ve discovered great music from some of my favorite bloggers, when I actually give it a chance. I guess I prefer to discover music naturally or by happenstance. I’ve always relied heavily on the company I keep to supply me with new up to date music. Call it lazy, but it has always worked out in my favor (they all have such wonderful taste). I also love spending time flipping through vinyl at the record store and picking up an album based on the cover and a brief listen on the turntable in the store. I’ve found many beautiful albums this way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Buying vinyl may seem a little arbitrary and hipster, but to us there are a plethora of reasons that brought us here. The most predominant, in a world of digital, it means something to us to have a tangible piece of music. It brings an ambience to our weekend mornings that is unattainable by streaming music on our laptops.

We’ve been playing with the idea of bringing a music article to Design Curiosities for some time now, but I’ve always been a little hesitant. We aren’t exactly authorities on music, but if you’ll give us a chance you might find something you love as much as we do. It won’t always be original, but it will be something new we’ve discovered or something that is such an integral part of our life that we wanted to share with you. ※ photograph by dc

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