Discover: Elis Regina

Discover: Elis Regina


Elis Regina

I first heard Elis Regina on an adorable illustrated short called Omelette by Madeline Sharafian. The bouncy tune Aguas de Marco, one of her most popular tracks, was the perfect backing for the sweet pup comforting it’s owner with a meal.

I have a great love for Bossa Nova, but my knowledge of artists is lacking. Regina was well known in her day, in fact, she was Brazil’s greatest pop vocalist until her untimely death. While I was researching Elis I discovered that the self-titled album, the one this track is on, is not quite Bossa Nova after all, it’s música popular brasileira. My not so discerning ear can’t quite tell the difference, but it definitely has samba undertones.

I found the record in Toronto at a place called Cosmos Records. The shop owner, Aki, saw me flipping through Regina’s records and put the album on the turntable before I had the chance to ask him if they had it. When I asked him for Bossa Nova recommendations, he kindly made me a long list of artists I should try. Nice guy, and great shop. Check it out if you’re in town.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tracks from the album on Spotify, you can have a listen here.

※ photograph by dc

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