Curiosities: Émil Brusgch

Curiosities: Émil Brusgch







The information I was able to find on Émil Brusgch was limited. He was a German Egyptologist who spent over 40 years at Boulak Museum as an assistant conservator. At some point in his career he was the head of Egypt’s Antiquities Service. It was during this time that he was part of uncovering the tomb at Deir el-Bahri which is said to be one of the most significant discoveries in history. The tomb was originally discovered by the Abd el-Rassul family, and they had been quietly emptying and selling the contents. Émil was given information about the location, and this led to the prompt removal and relocation of the find to the Bulaq Museum. The tomb itself contained the remains and coffins of 20 kings and queens of the New Kingdom as well as several royal persons, and numerous artifacts. Émil would go on to publish a book about this find, with text (French) by Gaston Maspero, and his own personal photographs. The first photograph was taken of Pharaoh Ramses II. It is not from the book, but it was too lovely not to include. Many thanks to The History of Photography Archive on Flickr for sharing it. The rest of the photographs are from La trouvaille de Deir-el-Bahari which is available to view online at the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Most of the information I included was referenced from a document called Servants for Eternity, Egyptian Ushabtis (large PDF), via Hixenbaugh Ancient Art.

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