Discover: Eydie Gorme

Discover: Eydie Gorme




Eydie Gorme was born in the Bronx to a father from Sicily and a mother from Turkey. They were Sephardic Jews, and so she grew up speaking Ladino in their home, among other languages. Because of this, it wasn’t surprising that she released an album in Spanish.

Amor followed her Grammy-nominated album “Blame it on the Bossa Nova,” and was a collaboration with a very well known group from Mexico called the Trio Los Panchos. It made her a house-hold name in Spanish-speaking countries, and it topped the charts for 22 weeks. The Panchos’ warbling harmonies, so rigid and perfectly performed, mesh with Eydie’s voice—sophisticated, soothing and still, larger than life.

※ The photographs of Amor were taken by Nicole Shultz for Design Curiosities.

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