Have a Lovely Weekend

Have a Lovely Weekend


(A collection of photographs from Seattle.)

What are you guys up to this weekend? We hit a snag in the project were working on. So, we’ll be working on some design related stuff instead! I’ve included a link to Draplin’s talk for Yay Festival. He’s got quite the mouth on him, but seems like such a genuine guy. It was very inspiring. Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. Here are some links for your Friday:

Have a Lovely Weekend
Draplin speaking at the Yay Festival. Very inspiring. No nonsense (via The Fox is Black).

Have a Lovely Weekend
This great Max Dalton Tenenbaum print is on sale for $20 for two more days. After that it will be retired.

Awesome hardwood blocks by Miller Goodman, makes a bunch of different creatures!

Great new Eames book.

A short on the history of the Gif by Legs Media.

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