Have a Lovely Weekend

Have a Lovely Weekend



Google Reader isn’t closing until July, but it seems everyone is already jumping ship. If you haven’t found a new reader yet, I would suggest Feedly. It functions very similar to GR, but looks a lot better. Also, it’s really simple to transfer over your GR subscriptions. For some strange reason, my site is listed as dormant when you search it. If you’re not feeling Feedly, I’ve heard good things about Old Reader. They’re having some capacity issues because before Google announced they were closing, it was a relatively small site. Then of course there is Bloglovin.

While I’m on the topic of suggestions, I came across this great app this week called GIF Brewery. It takes videos and turns them into animated GIFs while also letting you crop, resize, and add text. It’s pretty great, and only five bucks so I figured it’s worth mentioning. So far I’ve only made GIFs out of videos of Eames, definitely money well spent (right?). I hope you guys have a great weekend! Here are a few links I’ve been meaning to share, and a few I found this week:

Have a Lovely Weekend
Plywood grammophone made by Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson for a graduate project (via The Fox is Black). I want one!

Have a Lovely Weekend A great new photolettering app from House Industries. This way you can put some great type on your instagrams.

Have a Lovely Weekend Beautiful logo and brand for these OYYO rugs.

Have a Lovely Weekend A very inspiring talk from Tina Roth Eisenberg on the catalyst for her career. Something to aspire to.

Have a Lovely Weekend Read the comment section, it’s hilarious and a bit terrifying.

Have a Lovely Weekend The trailer for a documentary about traditional sign painters and their craft.

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