Design Curiosities is now Curiosity and Curiosities


Design Curiosities is now: Curiosity and Curiosities

A Stopgap as Design Curiosities becomes Curiosity and Curiosities


In an effort to bring more unique and thoughtful content to our site we’ve been discussing and working on what changes we need to make. As those changes are taking place behind the scenes, and to let you know that we are still here, you can find us at Curiosity and Curiosities. We are sharing visual content as a stopgap for this transition.





Fifty Weeks of Work: Machines in Space

Growing up in a suburb of Houston, so close to Space Ceneter and Ellington Field, it was nearly impossible not to have an interest in space and NASA. To go from watching shuttle launches on TV to being connected to astronauts on Instagram and other online platforms has been such a curious and wonderful thing.

Steven has done these kinds of typologies before, but this series of illustrated NASA satellites feels fitting…machines in space. You can follow along here, or on his Instagram.


Week II
Cygnus Orbital-1
NASA / Oribital Sciences

Marking the first private spacecraft to resupply ISS, Cygnus Oribital-1 launched on the Antares rocket from a facility in Virginia. It delivered 1,300 lbs. of non-critical gear, was loaded with trash and was relaunched and burned up over the Pacific Ocean.


Week I
Voyager I & II

Voyager I and II were twin spacecraft whose primary mission was the exploration of Jupiter and Saturn. Among other discoveries, they found active volcanoes on a moon of Jupiter, and the details of Saturn’s rings. Voyager II continued on to Uranus and Neptune, the only craft to visit those planets. (NASA)

Recent Work: A for Appleby

Recent Work

When Matt asked Steven to design a poster for his daughter, she wasn’t even born yet. In fact, we didn’t even know her name. Looks like it worked out pretty well!

Recent Work: Fresh Hell

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Design Curiosities

Frasier is one of our favorites, and it’s in constant rotation. It’s incredibly witty; I don’t think I have ever laughed that much watching a show. This particular quote, originally by Dorothy Parker, comes from an early episode called Space Quest. Frasier can’t seem to catch a moment alone so he goes to Cafe Nervosa to read his book. Well, who happens to interrupt his solitude? Niles. That’s when Frasier mutters this fantastic quote. We loved it so much Steven made it into a poster. It’s 9″ by 4.5″, and will be the first addition to our shop when we get it up and running!